General Tso - Chaos Dwarf of Chaos Undivided - El Skid


M6 WS6 BS4 S4 T5 W5 I4 A2 Ld12 Int13 Cl12 WP13

The Mark of Chaos Undivided:
If the Champion chooses to worship Chaos in its undivided glory rather than a specific power he starts with a random reward from the Chaos Rewards table.

Chaos Reward – Eye of God
The Powers of Chaos turn their attention to the Chaos Champion, weighing his deeds against his usefulness, and deciding what will be his fate. The Patron rewards the Champion by giving him a Chaos Weapon.

Chaos Weapon – Banishment
The blade has been forged over a fire of burning bones and tempered in the blood of a Necromancer. This process gives the bearer the ability to to dispell one chaotic or necromantic spell of level 3 or below once per battle.

The mutant develops a remarkable turn of speed. Increase Movement by 3.

Retinue – 7 Brigands:

M4 WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I3 A1 Ld7 Int7 Cl7 WP7

Brigands are bandits or rebels who form robber bands to attack travellers, small homesteads and each other. Where these bands split up following the death or capture of their leader, they often join a Chaos Warrior’s warband. Brigands are equipped with a sword or other had weapon plus light armour.

Bandit henchman hero

M4 WS4 BS4 S4 T3 W1 I4 A2 Ld7 Int7 Cl7 WP7

1st Level Spell – Boon of Tzeentch
The caster makes an appeal to Tzeentch for more power. The caster randomly generates a spell up to his caster level and can cast it immediately for free. It is added to his spell list for the rest of the battle.

2nd Level Spell – Miasma of Pestilence
This spell creates a 12 yard radius miasma of pestilence around the caster. Any other models in the zone reduce all characteristics on their profile by half. Does not affect Daemons, Champions or Beastmen of Nurgle. Dispelled instantly if the caster is wounded.

3rd Level Spell – Transformation of Tzeentch
This spell can be cast up to 24 yards and hits the first model in a straight line. The victim is entitled to a magic save to avoid the horrendous effects of the transformation. If he fails, the victim falls to the ground where his body lies helpless, twitching and jumping with magical discharge. His frame erupts with spontaneous mutations which grow and change with such speed that it is scarcely possible to recognise one before another bursts forth and obliterates it. Within a matter of moments the tortured body of the victim is reduced to a ruin of slime, flesh, feather and indescribable organic refuse. There may be no roll on the injury table for a model destroyed this way, it is very, very, dead.

4th Level Spell – Fleshy Curse.
Range 48 yards. This repulsive spell produces some of the most hideous effects in the magical repertoire. Non daemonic victims may make a magic save to avoid the effects. Victims of the spell immediately sprout horrific and uncontrollable growths. At the start of each turn roll on a long table of possible results describing which direction the growths shoot out in. Misshapen eyes, mouths, hands, legs and other appendages cover the growths. Any model coming in to contact with the growths is attacked with a WS of 5. It does no damage but a hit renders the target unable to move, attack or carry out any other action for a turn. After three hits the victim has been strangled and crushed by the fleshy growths and is removed from the board. The victim is quite helpless to stop this and will expand almost indefinitely until killed, though he can only be wounded by fire based attacks. They actually suggest you do all this on the tabletop with modelling plasticine!


Tso was a bit of an oddity among the Choas Dwarves. Though he spent the first part of his life acquiring wealth and slaves, he did this not with the greed normally associated with his kind, but with an eye to acquire real power. In truth, what he wanted was to lead the armies of chaos against those who would dare to question the superiority of the Gods of Chaos. Not any particular god, but all of them- Undivided. The Empire in particular stood as a shining beacon to him- such a thing must not be allowed to pass.

When he had ammassed sufficient wealth and power, he began to spend it. He learned from the greatest generals and mages in the land how to defeat his enemies. He then spent his remaining modest fortune on acquiring troops and weapons, plotted some diversions for himself, and led a force against the Empire, striking at a high-value region which housed gold and mineral reserves essential to the Empire’s well being.

Though he struck a powerful victory for Chaos and annihilated the Empire forces, a band of heroes stuck their noses into his plans, and when the battle was over, he was left with a sad remnant of his original army, unable to continue his fight.

Now a penniless though powerful mage, he has struck out into the wastes to recruit a new army, and to further hone his magical and tactical skills. Surely the Gods of Chaos will look down on him and grant him an even mightier army with which to crush their hated foes!

General Tso - Chaos Dwarf of Chaos Undivided - El Skid

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