Hrambus Urghler - Human of Slaanesh - DexDynamo


Human Hero

M4 WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I4 A3 Ld9 Int7 Cl7 WP8

Mark of Slaanesh:
A new champion of Slaanesh becomes more self assured and determined. His willpower is increased by +1 to show this.

Chaos Attribute – Uncontrollable Flatulence:
One of the mutant’s bodily orifices emits clouds of poison gas! Those in the cloud must pass a toughness test or die.
Roll a D6 every turn, on a roll of 5 or 6 the mutant emits a cloud of gas. The cloud is D8 yards in diameter and lasts for 1D3 turns.

Retinue – Giant bat:

M1 (I assume that is its ground speed and it can fly faster than that!) WS3 BS0 S2 T2 W1 I3 A1 Ld4 Int4 Cl6 WP6


The ways a man can change in desperation are terrifying; worse still are the ways he can embrace those changes.

Hrambus Urghler did not WANT to taste the flesh of his fellow man. But then, he didn’t want to find himself lost along the river Reik, hunted by raiders, and starving either. And so, at his lowest point, he fell. And with the first bite, his mind opened to the ways of chaos. Slaneesh spoke to him, showed him a world to be devoured. To be tasted, savored, consumed. And lo, a champion was born.

But the taint of flesh is a dark one, corrupting not only the mind and spirit, but the body. And such it is that his body rended a curse to the air around him, festering the outside world to match his twisted innards.

The tale of Gobbler the Bat is an interesting one. Whilst deep in a cave, his mind in a haze of succulent lightly-roasted Skaven flesh, Hrambus discovered a tiny bat, separated from his herd (obviously, since they had been eaten earlier in the day). The bat was hungry; Hrambus offered the flesh of a Skaven. The bat gobbled it up. Hence, Gobbler. The two have shared a bond ever since.

Hrambus Urghler - Human of Slaanesh - DexDynamo

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