Ukol the Hexmaker - Human of Tzeentch - Lawinator


M4 WS4 BS3 S4 T3 W1 I3 A1 Ld7 Int9 Cl9 WP9 Fear4

Mark of Tzeentch:
A new champion of Tzeentch recieves a random magic item from his patron. It is possible to roll an item that cannot be used but it must be retained none the less, as to refuse the Mark of Tzeentch invites immediate destruction.

Random Item – Flesh Banner
The Flesh Banner is made from living flesh and looks like a boneless man stretched into a large squarish shape. It has arms with clawing hands which wave around in search of a victim, strangling tentacles, and fang studded mouths which scream at the enemy. In hand-to-hand combat the banner flails and grabs at the foe, pulling victims towards its mouth or snapping their necks like straws. It automatically inflicts D6 hits at S6.

Chaos Attribute – Tentacles
The mutant’s arms wither and turn into grasping tentacles covered in fine suckers. Roll a D6 determine how many arms are affected. 1-3 one arm, 4-5 D3 arms, 6 all arms. Tentacles can grip weapons normally but do not permit the fine manipulation of other objects. The mutant gains one fear point from this attribute, regardless of the number of tentacles it develops.

Chaos Attribute – Vividly coloured Skin
The mutant’s skin or pelt turns an exceptionally vivid colour. This is often a colour associated with the mutant’s Chaos Power (ever changing irridescence for Tzeentch) but need not be so. Bright purples, pinks, oranges and electric blues and greens are all possible. No effect on mutant’s profile.

Chaos Attribute – Transparent Skin
The mutant’s skin becomes completely transparent, revealing its inner structure – bones, organs, muscles, sinews, digestive system – for all to see. This is extremely bizarre and increases the mutant’s fear points by 3.

1st level Spell – Boon of Tzeentch
The caster makes an appeal to Tzeentch for more power. The caster randomly generates a spell up to his caster level and can cast it immediately for free. It is added to his spell list for the rest of the battle.

4 Acid Spitting Tzaangors

True to the Changer of Ways, Beastmen of Tzeentch are spectacularly variable. They always have at least one outstanding feature, either brightly coloured or exotically patterned fur, or impressively coloured or shaped horns. Beastmen use hand weapons and carry a mixture of armour and shields giving them a 6+ save.

The unit’s members have a tendency to dribble or drool and many spray saliva from their mouths when talking. A few members of the unit have a highly corrosive saliva which damages anything it touches. Every second model may spit a S3 acid attack up to 10 yards. 1 fear point.


Ukol the Hexmaker was once a man steeped in academia. His was a career among the various colleges of Altdorf as a historian. His studies uncovered the truth about a powerful Altdorf noble family, that much of their power could be traced to daemonic pacts he had uncovered. Of course, when investigating a possible cult connection, one should be discreet, as this man soon learned.

His investigation soon caught the attention of the family in question, and they acted. In order to discredit him they afflicted him with a gradually growing mutation, a thinning of the skin. Before long his skin was almost transparent and he had to flee the city, steps ahead of the witchfinders.

He fled the only place he could, to the north. There he has made use of his knowledge in order to survive. It has been years since then, and his name has been forgotten, he is now Ukol the Hexmaker.

Ukol the Hexmaker - Human of Tzeentch - Lawinator

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